Monday, September 7, 2009

An Evolving Bio

I like bread and butter pickle and radish sandwiches. I find great satisfaction in popping other people's zits. I plant things in my garden my friends have never heard of. The German language turns me on cause it feels so good tripping across the tongue from back to front. Good grammar and a cogent argument are my preferred aphrodisiacs. I think traumatic events are often missed opportunities because you always have a chance to try something different immediately afterwards while people are still blasted out of their heads and into their hearts. Humility is my second favorite aphrodisiac. Crosswords teach you how to think in three dimensions. I obsess very easily on Sudoku puzzles. Sometimes I have to go to the mountains and get really dirty and push myself to the limit without anyone else around to stay sane. I think a really great pair of shoes is a treasure. I don't hold on to letters or greeting cards because I think they're like kisses, and how do you hold on to a kiss? I always dust after vacuuming and not the other way around cause it seems logical to me. I don't think you can call yourself a serious musician if you think any other musical style is weird. The older I get, the more I realize nothing is a big deal. I am glad I studied three foreign languages, physics, German literature, anthropology, calculus and music all at the same time in college, even though I didn't know what kind of job it would get me when I graduated. I really enjoy a handful of dry roasted peanuts and a Coca-Cola. I think gay people are hands-down the most creative people I've ever met... and I've met a lot of people. I believe if you really want to understand what it means to be an American patriot, you need to spend at least a year in another country and learn that language fluently. I think it's good to dip into insanity every now and then for the sake of comparison. I don't think the goal of an education is to get a good job; I think the goal of an education is to become a good citizen. If you haven't tried a scallion (green onion) and butter sandwich with a pilsener, you should... they're really good together. I think a neti pot, lemon juice and a good sweat (in varying combinations) is good for anything that ails you. I believe Bjork is a musical prophetess and, therefore, not appreciated in her own time. I find a big, asymmetric nose incredibly hot. Sometimes it's fun to make yourself up, put on a ridiculous wig, go outside and scream at the top of your lungs. I have never felt exhilaration like I did the first time I ran the entire 8-mile Walker Ranch Loop Trail outside Boulder in 1997 without walking once. I think sometimes it's good to sweat your prayers. I gravitate to Buddhism because, as a "religion", it does not criticize other traditions. I wish I could demonstrate that same quality sometimes. I think most professionals are crackpots.

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